Let's Talk Shampoo
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Let’s talk shampoo.  Not everyone can flawlessly make the transition. Switching to a more natural/organic shampoo can be one of the most difficult transitions to make. Here is some help in making the "switch"

Evaluate the Situation:  You want to go chemical-free, but you wash your hair daily, use many different styling products and dye it every other week? It WILL take dedication! Why can't you use commercial shampoos?  They are DRENCHED in toxic chemicals such as sulfates, parabens & petroleum!

Naturally-based shampoos work best for those who already have a ‘less is more’ approach to hair care. People with the most success:  people who are dedicated to wanting natural shampoo, people who have a low maintenance hair routine to begin with (wash every few days, no styling products, etc.), and those with very short or fine hair. If you don’t fall into one of these groups, you can STILL do this!!! Just take your time!

Reduce Product Usage:
Slowly reduce the number of products you use and how often you use them.  
If you wash your hair daily, start skipping days. This may make your hair feel oily at first, but eventually the oil production in your scalp will stabilize and your hair will feel less ‘greasy.’ Washing your hair every 3 days is ideal. 

Eliminating chemically-laden conditioner: Conditioner is really full of chemicals that attempt to repair your hair after you’ve stripped it of ALL of its natural oils with chemically-laden shampooing. Once you strip it less, you'll automatically need less.  The truth is, most people do not need conditioner. In addition, POOFY shampoos contain apple cider vinegar which is a built-in rinse/softener!

However, if you have curly, unruly, or very tangled hair and feel that you absolutely need conditioner, you can try one of ours.  We have quite a few to choose from.  You can also try a diluted vinegar rinse instead. Vinegar naturally softens hair. Take 1 part vinegar or lemon juice, add to 3 parts water, and pour over your hair as a rinse. And then rinse again with water. 

Cut down on sprays/foams/gels/waxes etc. As you wash your hair less often, it will naturally hold your style with greater ease.  If you have naturally curly hair, you will likely find your curls to be softer, curlier and easier to care for with less washing/no conditioner and less product. Plus, using less product will make washing your hair easier, as you’ll have less gunk to remove. Again, if you absolutely need to use product, make sure it is ORGANIC and does not contain chemicals, like POOFY!

Choose a CLEAN Replacement Shampoo Product - Remember, there are PLENTY of companies out there that CLAIM to be "natural" and "organic".  Research the ingredients.  Switching to a shampoo that STILL has hazardous chemicals defeats the whole purpose!  @ POOFY ORGANICS – we’ve got you covered!  We have SO many different shampoos to choose from and sometimes it takes trial and error, but you WILL find one that works for you!

SO now that you have a product, and you have minimized your washing/rinsing and styling, you are ready to take the plunge. Wash your hair as you normally would but use a bit less shampoo. You should not expect the same level of foaming as you got with a detergent-based shampoo. It foamed better because it was filled with synthetic ingredients.  Your chemical-free shampoo will not foam but it will still lather. If you find that your hair is a complete WRECK, then minimize the amount of POOFY shampoo by using ½ of YOUR current shampoo and ½ of the POOFY shampoo. Then, slowly mix in more POOFY shampoo and less of yours until you’ve completely switched.

Repeat as needed, which COULD be more frequently than you were washing before. You have switched products, so there will likely be an adjustment period.  Some people switch right away without any issues. For others, the transition is slow. Be patient.  Your health is worth it!

Special Notes: * If you go back to a chemical-based shampoo, you may have another detox period.

* The hardness or softness of your water can affect the outcome. If your water is hard, you may want to do a vinegar rinse.

* If you find your hair too greasy/oily, you might need to give it more time.  

* If you find your hair or head is too dry, you can try adding some oils to the shampoo such as olive, argan, or avocado.

* If you continue to have trouble, and need to use SOME commercial products, remember, you’re reducing your exposure to shampoo ingredients by 66% – 
THAT is something to be proud ofEvery little bit helps keep it off your body, out of your drain and our shared waterways and helps reduce plastic and fossil fuel!


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