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At Poofy Organics, we believe your family deserves the cleanest, purest, best quality personal care, beauty and household products. We believe in the power of natural and organic ingredients that are toxin-FREE to help protect our loved ones.  POOFY ORGANICS was created to transfer our love of natural, organic, clean living from our family to yours. 


At Poofy Organics our mission is to provide humanity with clean, sustainable beauty, personal care and household products that are good for the entire family and good for our planet. 
We are committed to expanding the use of organic ingredients and maintaining organic certification on products our customers know and love. We are focused on increasing the number of certified organic products to provide the cleanest form of natural ingredients that are clean, pure and potent. 


 POOFY ORGANICS was started in 2008 after a family member of the founder was diagnosed with breast cancer. The family decided to stop using products infused with chemicals, dyes, irritating fragrances and other questionable ingredients. After searching the market for "natural" products, and not being satisfied with the options, Poofy Organics was born.

We believe in the power of natural and organic ingredients that are toxin-FREE to help protect our loved ones.

POOFY ORGANICS was created to transfer our love of natural, organic, clean living from our family to yours. At Poofy, real beauty is more than looking, feeling, and smelling good. It is also about doing good, and should always be inclusive of the health and well-being of the world around us. 
We use our pure, proven, and potent natural and certified organic ingredients to create simple products to help you look good, feel good, and do good by making a positive impact on our planet. It is a responsibility we DO NOT take lightly.

We STAND BY natural ingredients rather than harsh, synthetic chemicals.

 We can all do our part, and the choices we make every day can contribute to a brighter, more sustainable and hopeful future for our children.


 Our founder was inspired to develop a product line that removed harmful chemicals and additives from everyday beauty, health, and  household products.  
In 2022, under new ownership Poofy Organics entered a new era of evolution to expand the reach of our message and our brand. The commitment to sourcing natural ingredients and creating toxin-free and organic formulas is the  compass that continues guiding our company.


So, why should you care about organic products, and what does it really mean?
The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. In the U.S., organic crops must be grown without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, or bioengineered genes (GMOs). This makes organic products far purer, cleaner, and better for you. 
Organic produce contains fewer pesticides. Chemicals such as synthetic fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides are widely used in conventional agriculture and residues remain on (and in) the food we eat.
Farmers and other individuals benefit, too, because they are not exposed to the harmful chemicals of conventional farming and production. 
Organic farming tends to be better for the environment. Organic farming practices may reduce pollution, conserve water, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, and use less energy. Farming without synthetic pesticides is also better for nearby birds and animals as well as people who live close to farms.
Organic products are less processed. The oils are extracted from the plants while  preserving their natural integrity resulting in the pure and potent products we manufacture. Today, POOFY ORGANICS offers 129 USDA certified organic products and we maintain our high standards by being USDA certified organic.
At POOFY ORGANICS, we make our products by hand, in carefully curated batches, to ensure that our customers always get intentional products created without waste or shortcuts. 
Please be advised that while all our ingredients are sourced with a higher standard of safety and quality in mind, it is well recognized — and accepted by regulatory authorities around the world — that incidental, trace levels of a chemical may inadvertently be introduced in a cosmetic product due to the complexities of the supply chain and manufacturing process. At POOFY ORGANICS, we work incredibly hard to minimize — but unfortunately, can’t eliminate - the potential that a product may contain trace levels of a chemical that has not been accounted for.  


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